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We have been making surfboards for over 40 years, so we have a wealth of experience that will allow us to make the perfect surfboard to suit your needs.

Sheely Surfboards have been making boards for over 40 years in Newcastle, Australia. With only the finest materials used, Peter ensures all work is kept in house and hand crafted to provide a surfboard of the highest standard and that meets the special needs of each and every customer.

Nowadays Peter"s obsession and success with delivering high quality surfboards has opened a new chapter. Instead of shaping boards for stores and distributors, Peter now dedicates his time to custom orders only.


The following surfboards are just a small selection of the surfboards we can make for you. Sheely Surfboards can make you a surfboard any size and any shape, to suit your needs. So if you dont’t see it here, be sure to contact us.

High Peformance Longboard

Concave nose, channels, double concaves, flat bottoms, bevels and hard edges.

  • Sizes: 9ft to 9ft 8"
  • Fins: Single, Fin box with 2 small FCS set ups on sides or Quad fin.

Traditional Longboard

Rolled bottoms, V bottoms, flat bottoms, flat rocker, soft edges. Glassed in 8 ozs Volan or normal glass.

  • Sizes: 9ft to 10ft 6"
  • Fins: Fin box, or traditional glass on fin


Our Nose Riders have a flatter nose and tail rocker, rolled bottom, big hip in tail, all for ease of paddling. Glassed in 8 ozs Volane or normal glass. Great balance and performance for an exellent nose ride.

  • Sizes: 9ft to 10ft 6"
  • Fins: Fin box, or traditional glass on fin

Modern Malibu

What can I say about our malibu? It‘s the all round Performer!
Single concave going into double concave, reverse V.

  • Sizes: 8ft to 9ft"
  • Fins: Single or fin box with 2 small FCS set ups on sides

Mini Malibu

Single concave going into double concave, reverse V.

  • Sizes: 6ft 10" to 7ft 6"
  • Fins: Thruster


Available from 8’ – 10’ long 20" – 22 1/2" wide and 23/4 – 31/4" thick, this big wave gun suits experienced surfers, or someone who wants to hang it on their wall and do some serious dreaming!


Excellent for beach breaks or hollow reefs.

Flat rocker, concaves with low entry.

  • Sizes: 4ft 10" to 6ft 6"
  • Fins: Thruster, Twin or Keels

Shortboards & Big Boy Boards

Lightweight high performance shortboard.
The Big Boy Boards are just bigger shortboards.

  • Shortboards Sizes: 5ft 4" to 6ft 7"
  • Big Boys Sizes: 6ft 6" to 7ft 6"
  • Fins: FCS High Performance fins

Repro Boards

If you like the boards from yesteryear these boards are for you. Custom made to be like your old favourite.

Repco Boards

70’s – 80’s shortboards.
Fuller and thicker shapes for ease of paddling and go in any type of surf.

  • Sizes: 5ft 10" to 7ft 10"
  • Fins: Single or Twin Fin

Wizz Boards

The Wizz is a small flexible fun board 70’s – 80’s design with modern technology.

  • Sizes: 5ft to 7ft
    21" to 22 1/2"
    2 3/4" to 3 1/4"
  • Fins: Quad, Tri or Single Fin

Special Orders

The board shown is has a 1" cedar single stinger ‐ custom made to suit the new owner.

If you want something special let me know.

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Custom Surfboards by Peter Sheely

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Please be advised that I only work on two orders at one time, and on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. I suggest contacting me as soon as your order to confirm the status of your order and an estimated completion time.

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